Truth and Reconciliation Commission approves Trauma Healing approach

Truth and Reconciliation Commission approves Trauma Healing approach

Bible Society of Burundi (BSB) sought to introduce Trauma Healing approach at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreements signed on August 28, 2000, provided for, in the protocol relating to “the nature of the Burundian conflict, problems of genocide and exclusions and their solutions”, principles and measures to facilitate the end of serious human rights violations and international crimes, including the fight against impunity.

The establishment and operationalization of the TRC created under the Arusha Peace Accords (2000) is now operational since December 10, 2014, when its members were sworn in before the President of the Republic.

The missions of the TRC are among other things to investigate and establish the truth about the serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, committed during the period of February 26, 1885, from the partitioning of Africa, to December 4, 2008, date of the end of the belligerence. The commission will take into account the seriousness and the systematic and collective nature of the violations. The investigations aim in particular to: elucidate the violations of major political, civil, economic and social rights; establish the responsibilities of individuals and of state institutions, legal persons and private groups; determine the nature, causes and extent of the above violations, including the antecedents, circumstances, factors, context, motives and prospects which led to these violations.

The TRC will propose a reparation program comprising both individual and collective measures, being material as well as moral and symbolic; and the establishment of a program of actions aimed at promoting forgiveness and reconciliation. 

It is for this purpose the BSB, held a convening session with all the members of Truth and reconciliation Commission on November 21, 2022 to introduce the Trauma Healing approach to the commission, and seek their approval to be implimented in the achieving of their mission. The approach was approved, and further plannings are going on to train and certifiy its members in Trauma Healing classic (for adults).

Bible Society of Burundi in partnership with TRC will gain a vast sphere in healing the wounds of past crisis, thus  acheiving its  goal “A healed and reconciled Burundi.”

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