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Who We are

The BSB is a non-profit organization under Burundian law, nondenominational in makeup, and a member of the United Bible Societies.

Created in 1967, on the initiative of fifteen local Churches of different denominations, that decided to unite beneath a common goal, namely “To ensure that each inhabitant of Burundi has the chance to interact with the word of God and be transformed by it.

The BSB has developed two strands of activities which are translating, publishing, and distributing the Bible at affordable prices, and the other one the realization of projects and programs which engaged a Biblical approach in transforming lives in various fields.

What We Do

Bible Translation.

We translated the Holy Scriptures in Kirundi Language. Apart the Kirundi Holy Bible 1967 version a new version of Kirundi Holy Bible 2018 has been published. A team of translators are working to produce first of its kind a Kirundi Study Bible.

Translation is done in coorperation with the church.

To ensure accuracy and faithfulness to the original text, translation is done by a minimum of two translators, trained in theology and possesing working knowledge of of Hebrew and Greek languages. This team is then assigned a Translation consultant with wide experience in translation and trained in theology or Bible studies and lingustics.

The work done by the translators is subjected to rigorous review by a committee composed of members recommended by the Church.

This whole process is tedious and costly, requiring large sums of money over a long period of time.

Bible Distribution

For effective distibution of scriptures, we use various channels. This includes;

  • The Bible bookshop at Bible House, Avenue de la Mission, off St Michel Parish
  • Online catalogue/shop
  • Social media
  • Bible agents
  • Bookshops

A comission is given to distibutors who are not full-time employees of the Bible society of Burundi.

Bible Publishing & Production

We publish scriptures in various formats including print, audio, visual and braille in order to meet the needs of all kinds of people. Since the scriptures are mostly used on a daily basis, we make sure the quality is top. This therefore dictates where production is done. Most of our production is done abroad and this comes at a high cost.

Bible Engagement

To help people engage with the sriptures, we design and implement various programs such as;

  • Trauma healing and Reconciliation.
  • Faith Comes by Hearing.
  • End to End
  • Adults Literacy

Our Vision 

See Every inhabitant of Burundi, transformed by the Word of God.

Our Mission 

To provide the Holy Scriptures to each inhabitant of Burundi in the language he/she understands better, at an affordable price and in an appropriate format, and to encourage the use of the Word of God so that his/her life may be transformed, in particular through programs having Biblical approaches.

Our Core Values 

  • Integrity 
  • Competence 
  • Accountability 
  • Responsibility 

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