The Kirundi Study Bible is currently being written. This Bible was initiated by church leaders, after noticing the need for a tool that could enlighten Bible readers, the church leaders together with the Bible Society of Burundi decided to make this tool available to provide an answer to the need already expressed, by making available to readers a “Bible with study notes in Kirundi” based on the original biblical texts. 

In addition, this Bible is going to facilitate the understanding of the Bible in churches, schools, universities and in the various Bible groups. This Study Bible also aims to equip pastors, evangelists, lay Christians who use the Bible in Kirundi, with a tool that will allow them to be able to understand the word of God in private (personally), in groups or in public for the strengthening of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Preliminary portions of this Study Bible have been distributed to all member churches of the Bible Society of Burundi and others in order to verify acceptability. Its first portion which included the books of Ruth, Jonah and Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians was distributed in 2019. 

The second distribution comprising the five books of the Pentateuch namely: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and those of the New Testament namely: the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the Acts of the Apostles; are being distributed.

The first recipients are Church leaders working in Burundi, theological schools and those with a similar vocation, theologians, Pastors, and many others who have some knowledge of the Bible. 

At the stage where we are, this Bible aims to test the acceptability of readers who are invited to give their appreciation and give feedback to the Bible Society of Burundi, to be able to better understand a global view of this Bible still in writing.

The ultimate goal of this Bible is to help the reader to understand the message that God has communicated through his word, in understanding difficult words, technical terms, proper names, historical, political or religious, geographical realities, fauna and flora, economic or artistic etc. With the availability of this Bible, we expect the change of behavior in Burundian society in accordance with Christian values, following the good understanding of the Holy Scriptures, the change in the way of teaching the Scriptures, and many others.

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